This year, I ventured back to zombie central (a.k.a. Monroeville, PA) for a second go-round exhibiting at the Pittsburgh Comicon. My experience was better than last year. Is that saying much? Read on:
Celebrity guests at the Pittsburgh Con included retired pro wrestler Bruno Sammartino and Jedi knight Kit Fisto. Sadly, they did not square off.

I spent the con splitting a table with the phenomenally hard-working Ed Piskor. Friday the phenomenally unshaven Jim Rugg joined us.

Here's half the crap we had for sale.

The other half.

Jasen Lex swung by Friday afternoon to hang out and point out the fat guys in Star Wars costumes.


The guy on the left could have made a killer Morpehus from "The Matrix," but instead he insisted on dressing as...Venom? If he were a black guy? Who didn't wear a mask? I'm as confused as you are.

This year, Star Wars geeks outnumbered superhero geeks three-to-one

They also outnumbered awesome superstuds three-to-one.

My local comic shop, Phantom of the Attic, set up at the con, too. Here's Wayne, working the booth.

Alex Robinson, what are you doing here? Answer: not selling many books, getting a lousy impression of Pittsburgh, and going home early.

Hey, I know this girl in real life! Perhaps you do, too. Perhaps she EDUCATES YOUR CHILDREN.

Sometimes, they're less than meets the eye.

Me and my new pal. I'm the one wearing pants.

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