Usually I just attend small-press and indie comics shows, where I do pretty well. This, my first mainstream convention, was a totally new experience for me. Business was slower than I'm used to, but I kept myself busy taking photos of all the sights. Here's a small portion of the shocking and amazing things I saw:
People wear costumes to mainstream cons! I love this! Here's me, Pat, posing with two of Gotham City's finest. I swear I'm dressing as Robin for SPX.

It's Jim "Street Angel" Rugg, knocking himself out on a sketch for a fan.

My local comic shop Phantom of the Attic was there, too, with a booth jam-packed full of cool stuff. They were by far the coolest dealers at the show.

The weird thing about this convention is, you see so many fat guys in pit-stained t-shirts that you almost forget that women exist. Your hormones start getting rusty. Then when you DO see a girl, she's inevitably dressed in a leather bustier or something similarly provocative, and you just about explode. I only let Daredevil get in the shot so I wouldn't look like such a perv.

Here I was less concerned about not looking like a perv.

Look! Ernie Hudson, a.k.a. Winston Zeddmore from "Ghostbusters." The guy was charging people $20 to take his photo, so I took this one from really far away, then ran like hell before his goons could catch me.

Matt "Idiot Box" Bors, an up-and-coming cartoonist. Call your local alternative newsweekly and demand they run his stuff.

There weren't that many convention guests whose work I know, much less respect, but West Virginian artist Danielle Corsetto is one of the good ones. Here she is, sketching and promoting her webcomic "Girls With Slingshots."

Catwoman, circa 1992, gets frisky with Ed "American Splendor" Piskor.

On Sunday, I attended the costume contest. Here, the celebrity judges try to decide on a winner.

One of the winners, in the "kids" category. It's a little girl dressed as Optimus Prime!

Superman's costume leaves nothing to the imagination. Seriously, in person, it was not a pretty sight. Here, I model a more effective and practical crime-fighting outfit.

No caption here. I just wanted to look at this picture one more time. See you in 2006, ladies!

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