New Yorkers love to spend money, so holding the annual MoCCA Art Festival there is a good idea. Once again I hit town to sell comics, t-shirts, buttons, and more, along with the best and brightest in indie comics. Here are some blurry and poorly-composed photos I took of the event:
First Second books, publishers (and marketers) of some of the finest comics around.

One of the best things about small-press shows is finding new talent. Though she looks to be about 14, Vermont's Megan Baehr is actually an SVA graduate with some great-looking minicomics. Her 24-hour comic was FANTASTIC. I can't wait to see what she does next!

Joshua Smeaton poses in front of his swanky new banner, promoting his highly entertaining and well-drawn webcomic "Haunted."

Joey Weiser and Jamie Tanner contain their excitement behind the AdHouse Books table.

Alec Longstreth and Greg Means get buddy-buddy in the big room.

Hamtramck, Michigan must have more cartoonists per capita than any other U.S. city. Here's one of them, Michelangelo Cicerone, displaying a print of his artwork.

The legendary Spano Mano upstairs at the Indie Spinner Rack table.

Husband and wife powerhouses Georgine and Robert Goodin.

Artist Benjamin Birdie and writer/comics blogger extraordinaire Kevin Church, creators of "The Rack," grab a bite to eat.

MoCCA Art Fest co-director Derrick Kennelty-Cohen kept everything running smoothly, despite... unexpected fire alarm that forced a building evacuation in the middle of the day Sunday.

There wasn't much room for everyone to hang out on the sidewalk, so many people went across the street to have a drink at Puck Fair. I suspect Puck Fair of foul play!

Neil Kleid relaxes in the shade of one of the day's many fire engines.

Unrelated to Neil Kleid is Neil Jam! I love these minicomics, but the big hit this weekend were the "Neil Jam Icons" which are these little framed drawings of assorted pop-culture characters, of varying levels of obscurity, drawn in the trademark Neil Jam style. Awesome!

Maybe the biggest highlight of the weekend was meeting the fantastic Canadian illustrator Rosemary Travale. I've been a fan of hers for a while, and was shocked to learn that she's so young! Her comics and illustrations are some of the best things ever, plus she laughs at like EVERYTHING I say. I also was glad to meet her boyfriend Craig Arndt, who is a pretty great artist in his own right.

Colleen Venable was supposed to accompany me at my table, but she had to spend the weekend moving, instead. She did stop by for a bit, though, but without her hand-made books and t-shirts. Next year!

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