Let me just preface this story by saying that I went to a wedding last week and took lots of photos at the reception. When I got home, I realized that I didn't take a single one of the bride.

So, anyway, I got to meet and/or catch up with a ton of great folks at the Museum of Cartoon and Comic Art Festival this year, but as usual, I failed to take pictures of many of 'em. These con reports are getting harder and harder to do!
Debbie Huey, Neil Kleid, and Abby Denson at the Friday-night check-in reception.

The radiant Colleen AF Venable poses with one of my comics.

If I was in charge of advertising for SuperCuts, their new campaign would emphasize their ability to carefully conceal facial scars via snappy, emo-style haircuts. Look what it did for Sara Rosenbaum!

I would describe the comics of my table-mate Bill Roundy as "the gay Ziggy." But then again, maybe Ziggy is actually the gay Ziggy.

Subjects I have discussed with Ryan North: (1.) Whether his first name is "Ryan" or "Brian" (2.) What I saw that time I was in Ottowa, and (3.) How long we each spend in the shower. Subjects I have NOT discussed with Ryan North: (1.) How awesome his webcomic is. I should correct this!

I took a lot of pictures of people just standing around. Here, Leland Purvis demonstrates his skills in that department.

After a long day of selling comics, we hit the exhibitors' happy hour Saturday evening before heading out on the town. Here's hard-core boozer and all-around ladies' man Robin Enrico with Jenny Gonzalez.

Pictured: Dalton Webb. Not pictured: Godzilla.

I can't take credit for that last picture of Dalton. Texas's own Toby Craig snapped that one, but I thought up the hilarious caption.

Hey, Who likes sushi? I can think of at least two people: Joe Flood and Liz Baillie.

Later that night, Matt Hawkins subs for Emilio Estevez in "Maximum Overdrive 2."

Stephanie Czerniewski, MK Reed, and Travis Nichols, getting pumped for day two of the con.

John Green shows off one of two facial expressions.

The other one.

Liz Prince, cashing in on the incredible audience for bed-wetting themed comics.

Tom Neely will destroy you! He totally destroyed like three people while I was taking this picture.

I don't get asked to do that many convention sketches, but I love doing 'em. This was for a young woman who requested my third-favorite X-Man, Nightcrawler.

Sunday, shortly before the end of the show: this is the least enthusiastic I have ever seen Alec Longstreth.

Some other great people from the inter-web that I finally got to meet in real life, but didn't get a picture of: Jess Fink, Marion Vitus, Alisa Harris, plus a bazillion more that I already knew but didn't get to hang out with nearly enough.

I've been doing these cons for a couple of years now, but in lots of ways, I still feel like a newcomer. Thanks to everyone who made me feel welcome and invited me to do stuff, even if I wasn't able to make it. There's never enough time! Next stop: SPX!

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