I was so busy selling my comics at MoCCA this year, I didn't get much of a chance to walk around taking pictures. I'm so sorry. Anyway, here's a few shots, mostly of stuff I could see from my table:
This was the view over my left shoulder. You can sort of make out the Buenaventura Press and Fantagraphics tables, somewhere in the awesome crowd.

In the other direction was Ward Sutton who was promoting his new book of political cartoons called "Sutton Impact." Apparently, he was also trying to keep the doctor away.

Rob Ullman swung by to pick up my wildly popular minicomic, "Hideous."

Here's cartoonist, cut-up, and all-around awesome guy Farel Dalrymple (in black) and some of the other Meat Haus crew hanging around their table and soaking up the air conditioning in the big room.

At the Dumbrella table: Jon "Goats" Rosenberg and Rich "Diesel Sweeties" Stevens, who may or may not be in love with each other.

I wish I had more pics to show you guys, but I don't. Trust me when I say the entire trip was a blast. I'll leave you with this gem from my New York City-themed sketchbook. It's Matt Feazell's stick-figure recreation of a scene from Woody Allen's "Manhattan."

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